Gdańsk ul. Kartuska 420b and 422

Gdańskie Tarasy

Gdańskie Tarasy is a functional housing complex located at 420b Kartuska Street and 422 Kartuska Street in Jasień, a popular southern district of Gdańsk. It is an investment suitable for those who want to live in a location that combines efficient commuting within the agglomeration of Trójmiasto, convenient access to commercial and service facilities, with the possibility of relaxation close to nature.

The estate was designed with no architectural barriers; it is fully accessible to wheelchair users. Energy-saving building solutions were used in order to ensure thermal comfort of their residents.

Gdanskie Tarasy

The four-storey residential building with a services section was divided into three staircases equipped with quiet elevators connected to the underground garage. Additionally, the elevator in the B staircase will let the residents access a recreational area on the roof.

In the designed building, there are 94 apartments ranging from 30 m2 to 77 m2.

Planned completion date: IV quarter of 2019

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Only for residents

Relax on the roof

The roof of the building will be developed into a relaxation zone accessible exclusively to residents and their guests. Residents will be able to actively spend time in the outdoor gym and will have a chance to share unforgettable moments in the recreational areas.

Gdańskie Tarasy offers a unique opportunity to its residents, as they can enjoy the panorama of the estates’ beautiful surroundings and Gdańsk architecture and from the open space of the terrace.


Relax on the roof



Drive to the centre of Gdansk in 10 - 15 minutes

Gdańskie Tarasy

Kartuska Południowa 420b

Jasień is a district of Gdańsk bordering with the Trójmiasto ring road and situated along Aleja Armii Krajowej with easy access to the city centre and other districts.

Gdańskie Tarasy is an investment for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and appreciate closeness to nature.


Lake Jasień and stream of the same name are in the vicinity of the estate, making it easy to relax in the open and enjoy the green surroundings of the estate.



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Commercial and service premises

located on the ground floors of the residential buildings. There are 7 service premises that will cater to the basic needs of the residents, e.g. grocery store, hairdresser, shop, post office, bakery.


service prem

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